Welcome to the new world.


The world of escs.


Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world’s most formidable IT and gaming companies, agencies and startups.

  • Zhenya


  • Roman

    Project Manager / QA

  • Anton

    Lead UX/UI Designer

  • Olha

    Product / Lead Frontend Developer

  • Igor

    Lead / Full Stack Developer

  • Yuri

    Tech Lead / Full Stack Developer

  • Ivan

    Architect / Lead Backend Developer

Advisory Board

J Moses


Michael Vorhaus


Rich Gatchalian



We envision a world, where game developers can focus on great game design and are rewarded for creating a great game - even if it is a small game. We believe that esports inside a game is the way.

We want to open the fun of the competition to everyone and make it effortlessly available inside every game. We want the games to become better.

We want developers and players to win together


We are escs

Gaming is not just about creating the game. It is what we all do. It can enrich our lives, teach, make us happy, expand our horizons and push our imagination beyond limits. It can help us to come up with new ideas and stay in touch.

Gaming has an impact on everyone's life.

Creating a game comes with a responsibility.