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Create and monetize tournaments for your audience in games you and they love

Imagination is the limit. You can start in 5 minutes.

escs gives you the power of a sports federation

Add a tournament hub to your website, blog or channel in minutes. It is a fully automated, turnkey and real-time connected solution. You control the tournament structure, including the entree fee.

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Get revenue from organizing tournaments.

  • Get 70% from every entree fee.
  • Use it for prize pool if you wish
  • You decide on everything
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Let your partners and brands be your sponsors

  • Customize the appearance of your tournament hub
  • Add a custom background or logo to promote your partners and sponsors.
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Let's turn competitions into your income stream

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How escs works

escs helps you to retain and expand audience with competitions.

You earn 80% on each entree fee.

You are in control

Create tournament structure that you dream of. Tournaments are fully automated - escs takes care of the matchmaking and of all hard lifting.

New revenue stream

Generate revenue from each entree fee. Work with brands and partners to promote their brands during tournaments.

Start in 5 minutes

Embed our widget on your platform in minutes and start monetizing. It is that easy.

Catalogue of games

Ever expanding catalogue of games that is curated and updates automatically. You can choose any game any time.

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