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esports, WatchParty and a new revenue channel.

In just 15 minutes.

  • Add a competitive layer with built-in monetization to your games.
  • Fully automated highly scalable, flexible, unlimited championships of any complexity that can be changed on the fly.
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Everyone knows what it takes for a championship to be great:

clear rules, great organization, spectators and commentary. You can have it now in your game.

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  • Fully automated Championships

    Fully automated Championships

    No more hassle with managing championships. Once set up and scheduled, which can be done in a minute, championships in escs run fully automated. You can create recurrent championships of any complexity with any structure.

  • Unlimited players

    Unlimited players

    There are no limits on number of players in any championship or tournament series. Even more: there are no limits on number of players in all championships in the game at any given time. escs opens a new world in your game.

  • Unlimited stages

    Unlimited stages

    Create championships as big as you like. Each championship can have any number of stages and go as long as you want. It can be even infinite. There are no limits to your creativity.

  • User generated championships

    User generated championships

    Anyone can create championships in escs. Any player, any influencer, any professional tournament organizer. There are no limits. Let creators drive competitive players to your game.

  • Leaderboards


    escs has built-in leaderboards that let players enjoy the game even more. Let players find out on a daily basis who is the best or compete in a race.

  • ELO


    ELO rating is essential for great competitive play and matchmaking. escs has not only built-in ELO rating system based on one of the top systems out there, but can also work with your ELO rating.

  • Video chat

    Video chat

    With escs your players do not have to leave your game to talk with friends. Video Chat comes automatically with escs. Do not lose your player to 3rd party applications anymore. With escs you offer them a unique user experience in your game.

  • Streaming


    Let your players stream and watch directly inside your game. No more need for a 3rd party apps. You keep the players inside your game and offer a new unique experience. Streaming is automatically part of the escs integration.

  • Chat


    Chat, friends and all the social functions automatically come with escs. Channels with friends, tournament channels, game channels. You can find all of that in one place.

  • NFTs & Tokens

    NFTs & Tokens

    NFTs, blockchain, play-to-earn, marketplace will be automatically part of the escs. You decide if you want to participate. If you do, players will be able to trade NFTs with their friends and you, collect them, all the competition results will be saved in the blockchain and more. You will be part of the new exciting world with other games.

  • Customization


    And the best part is: you can customize everything. Create as many championships as possible, combine them as you want. You can also easily customize the appearance of the escs inside your game. Possibilities are limitless.

  • White label

    White label

    Ask us if you want to have a white label solution. We are happy to help you. Everything is easily customizable and can be structured to support your brand. Just let us know.

  • Monetization


    escs offers you a brand new business model: competitions. It brings better user experience for players and can easily compete with ads and in-apps. escs offers many ways to monetize the competition. Talk to us if you have any questions.

  • Friends & Teams

    Friends & Teams

    Of course, there are team championships and leagues in the escs. Your players can easily create and join teams, create leagues, and compete together: as a family, school, university, corporation. No limits there as well.

  • Widget for tournament organizers

    Widget for tournament organizers

    For tournament organizers escs offers an easily customizable widget that can be integrated into the organizer's website with a couple of clicks. This allows not only complete management of the championships directly from the organizer's website, but drives additional traffic into your game.

Supported game engines

  • Javascript
  • React Native
    React Native
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • Windows

Comming soon:

  • Mac OS
    Mac OS
  • Linux

Do not see your game engine? Probably it is in the works.

and let us know which one you are using. Get familiar with a system meanwhile.

How to integrate in 15 minutes


Register and list your game

All services are absolutely free for you.
You can have as many games as you like


Decide about the championships

Choose your own schedule, mode, monthly subscription fee


Integrate our plugin

Just 2-3 method calls

How we do it

  • Your Game
  • Our Plugin
  • escs API
  • Your Game Backend


Reasons to use

  • All esports services are inside your game

  • Effortless integration

  • Full automation

  • We take care of everything: brackets, leagues, rankings - no worries for you

  • Great support - we care about game developers

  • Plannable monthly income for you

  • From game developers to game developers

  • Better user experience for your players

  • Anti-cheat services

  • GDPR conform

  • Security